7 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Logo Design Denver

There’s emotional selling and then there’s logo design denver logic selling all right so one emotional and then two is logical and this is a part I strongly recommend you guys check out our blog article for because we went through I think it’s six different types yeah six different types of emotional selling or emotional buying depending on which side you’re looking at it from but six different types of emotional selling so things like greed fear altruism envy pride shame all of those are six different types of ways that you can use those emotions to sell a product

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Service and to get person to realize okay I need this or I have to have it because they’re telling me it’s gonna make me feel this way if I don’t but I’ll feel this way if I do right you’re appealing to that emotion and a logical sale is just focusing on it logically you’re saying okay look mr. business owner we don’t have to do any marketing but if you don’t you should expect to see these results again and again because this is what’s happened in the past so if we spend a thousand bucks a month or $.

A month and you put this much into addicts we’ll be able to reach this many more people which means we should be since you convert at a rate of % we should be able to convert at least % of those into new customers so by spending you know $, if we get % of those into new customers you’re actually making about $, per month off of that so the profit there is roughly about a thousand dollars does that make sense to you and that’s where you’re actually going to try and logically walk them through the process but again it comes to knowing the person you’re dealing with and that comes from paying attention first meeting to understand are they more prone to reacting via emotion or is it the type of person where they’re gonna look at things more logically they’re more.