Important Facts That You Should Know About Rally Workspace

Get into backpacking sort of buddies and a lot of you know self supported bike trips but yeah like Joe said a lot of overlap with the whole our down Rally workspace thing and then that that kind of I think is what really kicked off this sort of career path as winding and meandering as it has been but in the outdoor industry we’ve all an actor away I know it’s it’s all over the place yeah yeah but yeah we’re good as a as a guide working as an instructor in more of an like educational capacity but also leading like client groups on trips throughout different parts of Latin America.

But yeah I’d say the core of that is kind of just being in rural parts of Eastern Washington state and outside of the kid and just kind of always been obsessed with like finding out what was you know what was around the next bend so to speak in South Warren totally yeah yeah yeah your story yeah so my my story’s a little bit different I actually grew up on just outside of Chicago so not a ton of access to the outdoors um but had a ton of family in Colorado in California so just grew up I’m getting out here and hiking and skiing and yeah after college I worked in advertising and tech and knew.

Was not for me as I moved out to Colorado and you know just kind of along the way I I knew that I did not want to be sitting in an office all day every day and I just made traveling and the outdoors priority um so yeah started with one seat about a year and a half ago and have not looked back so what was LinkedIn your first outdoor job oh man I mean it was probably one seed really yeah from tech to that ya know and I even I grew up doing camping trips like the Overland adventures for middle school and high schooners and loved all that yeah my mom was a flight attendant so grew up flying everywhere and just being.