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Because I didn’t want to sit over here and actually if you have a square outlet this will not cover properly really need the mounted somewhere else as I did move it and have where the three holes or the triangle has a hole in the middle for the wire and you can kind that maybe have.

gooseneck light fixture

A small round box but it works out I don’t have to have that up there just on top of my shop I was fine with just bringing the gooseneck light fixture wire around putting it in through the siding of the shop nice lit area at night can’t beat it cheap maintenance longevity I do I like LEDs I’m sorry I really like them subscribe or follow.

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something-something cool coming up stay in the bar and LED lighting I want to put one of these up in the barn to give myself goose neck light fixture some more light in the front area where I plan on working this is a high bay watt light bought off Amazon here for about #Face Book .

Three hundred and sixty bucks go gooseneck light fixture through the supplies here that I’m going to use to put this light up first thing this does come with a bezel to help radiate the light down and direct it more straight down in.