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Which is an option for you that’s Bank of America that’s Wealth management bank Citibank any of the nationally recognized known banks are real Fargo then you have your credit unions Navy Federal Credit Union USA credit union and any other Dole and then, of course, you have your local community banks okay that might be a bank that’s named after your locality maybe after your city or something and so there’s pretty much three routes that you can go they have local credit unions as well but for the most part of credit union as a credit game so this is how I usually recommend to people which one to choose out of those three if you’re going to be doing international business you’re gonna be traveling a lot you might need access to eight teams all over the world or something that might be the only time that I recommend going with big things but I really don’t care for big banks too much because they’re there Spencer basically for nothing you know what I mean and with the exception of being able to access different HTML all over the world that’s pretty much it’ll be unable to access branches in multiple areas that’s pretty much the only real plus.

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I can see to banking with the big things and then also the big banks @facebook sometimes they might have you might be able to hold larger Holdings within your accounts with them so that might be a plus to but once you get to that level that’s when you can start considering it now probably the local community banks I personally think with a community bank unless a credit union to go with a community bank the reason why I like community banks is you have a personal relationship with community bank community banks are not just a number and so if you’re going to be in a business where you want your business to be maybe a pillar of the community you said like it’s gonna grow on employee a lot of people in that area or you might need a loan in a future which our business and you might say well I want somebody who’s going to loan to me based off of who I am and what I bring to the table table and not always just off of just off of numbers and credit scoring all of that well then you might want to think what a community thing credit unions are probably the best options for small businesses because they’re the least expensive they usually will allow you to open up a free business checking account no monthly fees and then also no fees at the ATM so what most credit unions