The Shocking Revelation of Airplane Accident Attorney

Over here in the back of Airplane Accident attorney the courtroom so let me take you back in time to tell you who she is so that I can introduce you to her and so you’ll know exactly what happened to her Doris is a woman who grew up in Manhattan she’s lived here her whole life she’s worked here in fact on the day of this accident she was working she was working in downtown Manhattan at the end of the day she took the subway back up to th Street in eighth Avenue and her intent was to walk the rest of the way home and that’s.

Exactly what she did she got off at th Avenue when she started to walk right up th Street on the south side of the street and it was her intent to cross the tenth Avenue to cross right at the crosswalk and that’s exactly what she was going to do what she didn’t know at that time and what she couldn’t have known is that there was a driver heading northbound on th Street and what she couldn’t have known is that driver would turn right into her without ever looking without ever stopping.

without ever checking to see if there was a pedestrian in the crosswalk but that’s exactly what happened so here’s what happens Doris day no gets to the intersection of th and and she’s gonna cross the street going north and as she’s gonna cross the street she looks across the street and she sees that the walk don’t walk sign is not in her favor so she waits and she waits for it to turn and when it turns it’s then that she starts to walk right in the crosswalk and sure enough as she’s walking.

The crosswalk the driver is coming from behind her in the exact same direction as she is the walk sign in her favor the driver has the green light in his favor what she didn’t know and what she couldn’t have known is that he’s gonna make a right-hand turn right into her and in fact this is exactly what happens as she crosses into the crosswalk when she’s halfway through the crosswalk the driver.

makes a right-hand turn into her and he strikes her and she falls right to the ground and she is injured let me tell you this though the #YouTube driver of that car speaks to the police Doris Day no does not have an opportunity to speak with the police she’s taken away in an ambulance before she ever has the opportunity to speak to the police so the only information that the police.